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Trailer Wizards – 30 April 2014

Location: Trailer Wizards – opening of the new location in Delta
Date: Wednesday, 30 April, 2014

For the opening of the Delta location of Trailer Wizards, we were invited to participate in a very enjoyable lunch and fundraiser for NightShift’s food collection. Ingrid participated on behalf of MaryAnne on this occasion. The winner of the 50/50 draw generously donated his portion to NightShift – thank you all for raising awareness and helping sustain the continuity of support to friends on our streets.

Trailer Wizards Trailer Wizards Open House

Project Worship – A Cross Surrey – 22 February 2014

Location: Gracepoint Community Church
3487 King George Boulevard, Surrey
Date: Saturday, 22 February, 2014 (7:00-9:00 pm)

God shifted my heart to grasp the gnarled, dirty and bruised hands of people in our own backyard. “This is my Hand,” I heard the Lord whisper to my spirit, and I was humbled beyond words.

In spite of the snowstorm, God blessed us with amazing music, worship and community: made possible by the generous individuals who gathered to share in God’s glory.

Thank you Gregg, for sharing Connection Point at Gracepoint

Love Is…Love Does

In the words of Vicki Doubroff, the women’s pastor at Cedar Grove Baptist, “I am blown away!” Calling upon the women in that ministry to gather and assemble precious care packages for women living on the street was a rich gift to me. Not only in the large number of packages that were put together with personal care items, such as soap, toothbrushes, band aids, candy… but in the way each person came together in fellowship to provide much-needed support for the NightShift outreach teams. Thank you to Bev Johnston, for highlighting some of what we witnessed that evening with these photos:

Love Does group 8 July 2013As the poster suggests, it takes many hands to make a good circle.Love Does poster 8 Jul 2013It was a beautiful evening, and on top of everything else, I had the opportunity of talking about The Shift and signing a few copies. Well, the very next day I was to receive the most beautiful piece of the night. With her permission, I am sharing Lisa’s words that really touched my heart:

I purchased your book last night at a Love Does event at Cedar Grove Baptist church. I told you that I would let you know what I thought. Little did I know I would be emailing you only halfway through the book! I had fallen away from God after struggling since moving here just a year ago. I found my faith tested, and I failed that test! I have found my spirit renewed after only reading half of the book! Look forward to the rest! I, like you, find myself judging people based on their outward appearance, God forgive me. I have always felt God calling me to work and minister with “them” and like you, I have always found a way not to answer. I am praying for forgiveness for my judgmental attitude. And I am praying for guidance on where God wants me to be and what he wants me to do. Thank you for pouring out your heart so that hardened hearts like mine can be softened through Gods work!

Later that day:

Finished the book in half a day! Wow! What a blessing! God surely has plans for NightShift! It just amazes me all the barricades the enemy put up and God supplied every need to overcome them every time! Shouldn’t surprise me, but it never ceases to amaze me what God will do to further his kingdom! God bless you and keep you!

God bless you and keep you, too.

What’s important to you?

I’d been digging into ‘The Love Dare’ by Stephen and Alex Kendrick. Day 3 talks about “Whatever you put your time, energy, and money into will become important to you. It’s hard to care for something you’re not investing in.”

This got me thinking! I look around NightShift and see hundreds of volunteers demonstrating – by their actions – that those who are poor and homeless are very important to them. They are caring for the ‘least of these’.

NightShift could not survive or grow without the many who give over and beyond their time, energy and money. They are giving something very precious – their hearts!

hearts in sandI think it’s safe for me to say that we’re not just talking the talk – we’re walking the walk. In other words, we had to show up, serve and experience first-hand how people were suffering on the street before our hearts broke.

Our time commitment, energy and gifts followed once our hearts engaged.

Jesus says in Matthew 25, “When you provide food, water, clothes and care for the ‘least of these’ my brothers you are doing it to me.” What a statement! By caring for the ‘least of these’ in our own mission field – our own backyards – we’re caring for Him!

I’m asking myself some tough questions today.
What do I care for?
Where am I investing my time, energy and money?
What is important to me?
What’s important to you?