Mac on White Rock beach
I’d love to hear your stories.
Have you made a big SHIFT in your life? What has moved you? Please feel free to email me or leave a reply in the comment box below to share your words or photos of listening to God’s direction in your life, or maybe how reading The Shift has impacted your life.

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8 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Sue Richmond

    My name is Sue Richmond and I used to work at the Marina at Semiahmoo and met Mary Ann there. I haven’t been there in years yet my daughter was talking about this book that I should read and it mentioned a Mary Ann Conner who had a boat at the Marina and we chatted often.
    I am thrilled at this venture and would like to connect with her. I am in the midst of an MA in Christian Studies at Trinity Western University and working construction. I live in Blaine and attend Cornwall Church in Bellingham. I am always looking for somewhere to help out and be involved although it is limited until I retire in a couple of years. Would love to hear from her and say hello!
    Be blessed this day…

    1. Mac Post author

      Hi Sue. I am absolutely amazed that after all these years apart that God has now drawn us together. Who would have thought? I’m looking forward to connecting over a coffee soon. We have lots to catch up on. I’m sure you have many ‘Shift’ stories to share. Much love, Mac

  2. Sue Richmond

    Just thinking about you today and praying for all the dreams that you have, for what God holds in store for you and NightShift. Blessings….Sue

  3. Wendy

    I read “The Shift” cover to cover over two evenings…it was a read which at times pushed all my buttons when it comes to rational thinking…NightShift’s success clearly confounds the idea that God calls the equipped, rather this story is evidence that God equips who HE calls. I enjoyed MaryAnne’s ability to write what might best be described as her raw faith journey. She courageously allows the reader into her vulnerability, which is exactly what I needed to hear to let down my guard, face my own fears and honestly address my own prejudices about the homeless and serving selflessly. Thank-you MaryAnne for sharing your story. It is to HIS GLORY.

    Dr. Wendy Gaudet, BScPharm, MScPharm, EdD
    Clinical Instructor, Faculty of Dentistry, UBC
    CEO WRXConsulting

    1. Mac Post author

      Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts. The Shift was a difficult book to write but there were so many God stories that needed to be shared with others that I couldn’t resist the call to write. I’m so happy to hear that your were impacted and ‘shifted’ to face some of your own fears and hopefully to press forward in connecting with those that struggle in our city. May God bless you as you step into ‘vulnerability’. You’ll never look back! 😉

  4. Nyagato Grace.

    My name is Nyagato Grace, from Rwanda in Africa my Friend brought me the shift, I liked the story and the work your doing with Homeless and poor people in canada,the book is amazing the word of God and testimonials, it courage me, and i see that in life everything is possible when someone is still alive one day I WANT to be like MARYANNA CONNOR, I also love to help homeless and poor people, say hi to Ingrid last time called and the network was not good. hope the nightshift ministries will help us in Africa to come out of poverty. Thank you so much
    may the Lord God bless you.

  5. Terry Symonds

    I believe God’s spirit led me to the White Rock/South Surrey Thrift Store. I went right to the spiritual section and found the book, “the Shift The Power of Belief” by Maryanne Connor. I could not put the book down. I read the whole thing and cried several times out of pure joy. It was so incredible to read her stories of faith in God lived out. I asked God how I could get more involved with the poor and minister to them. I am so thankful to God for leading me to the NightShift Ministries. I look forward to what God has in store for me there.

    Praise Be To God.


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