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The Power of Belief

MaryAnne Connor was a real estate marketing executive when she surrendered her life to, what she calls, The Shift.

The Shift - The Power of Belief - by MaryAnne ConnorIt was a stormy winter’s night and MaryAnne was settled snugly into her bed, when a piercing question stirred her from her comfort: “Where are they sleeping tonight?”

She knew the homeless were just thirty minutes away on the streets of Whalley, Surrey’s inner city.

She got up and drove to the other side of the city in the snow storm, so she could ask a Whalley pastor to give people shelter in his church that night. He handed her the keys and said, “I’ll open the doors of the church tonight, but on one condition–you’re responsible.”

Stepping out of the boat that night changed her life and her perspective. Until that moment, she had raised thousands of dollars for charity, but “never got her hands dirty.” That was all about to shift.

The Shift: The Power of Belief is part autobiography, part history of NightShift Street Ministries, the faith-based non-profit she’s built to feed and provide services for the homeless 365 days of the year.