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The tug of loneliness

What a blessing. A ‘sleep over’ weekend with my two precious grand babies!  My heart grew larger from the abundance of their love.

grand babies“I never knew how much Love my heart could hold,
’til someone called me Nana.”

But today, I’m feeling empty with a deep longing for more ‘hugs and I love yous’. I don’t like this feeling. It’s called loneliness. It makes me vulnerable. I run from it. Get distracted. I wander aimlessly without purpose or direction.

It helps to write.

Many years ago, someone suggested ‘loneliness’ was simply God whispering in my ear to draw me closer to him.  What a beautiful visual!

As I roll out of bed this morning, my eyes rest on this image:

Be Still“Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

So I’m still today. Just as my heart grows larger from the love flowing from my grandsons’ hearts, so it grows deeper in the knowledge of God’s love for me when I get alone with Him.

There is a difference in being alone and being alone with God. Being in the Holy presence of Papa, wipes away my tears and shifts my aching heart for human love to the Divine. I am Loved.