What do others say about The Shift?

“What I find so moving about her story is her absolute faith in God. Time and again, when the odds are stacked against her, Papa gives her the energy and fortitude to persevere. A little like Tevye from the musical Fiddler on the Roof, MaryAnne communicates with God. He leads her, most often through Bible passages to new understandings about herself and the situations she encounters. In other words, He shifts her. —Dianne Watts, Mayor, City of Surrey, British Columbia

“Unforgettable … it will change how you see God.” —Fanny Kiefer, SHAW TV (One of Canada’s 25 Most Influential Women, Chatelaine)

“I know that if it wasn’t for her support and her believing in me until I could believe in myself I wouldn’t be alive today.” —Kristy Wilson

“MaryAnne openly shares her journey as a reluctant but willing recruit into the purposes of God in her life. She asks the question, ‘How much is one life worth?’ As you read through these pages, you cannot help but feel the prodding of the Spirit of God asking you the same question and demanding your own heart to respond. I highly recommend this book to you. Let it open your eyes and heart to the stark reality that everyone is in desperate need of a Saviour, and everyone deserves to be rescued.” —Helen Burns, Pastor, Relate Church

“A genuine book of a miracle! Buy this book. Read this book. Then look and listen for God’s voice so you can create your own miracle.” —Dr. Peter Legge, OBC, LL.D (Hon), D. Tech. Chairman/CEO/Publisher, Canada Wide Media Limited


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