Breakaway NLCC – 13 November 2013

Location: North Langley Community Church
Date: Wednesday, 13 November, 2013
Time: 9:30 am

Thrilled to be speaking at the Women’s Breakaway about The Shift and God’s heart for the broken.

Mac at Breakaway NLCC

Thank you again for blessing us last week with sharing your heart and vision of NightShift. You did an amazing job and inspired all of us to seek God’s purpose in our lives and to listen to His calling! Seeing God’s faithfulness in your life and in NightShift is so rich and powerful… I feel so blessed to personally serve at NightShift and to be a part of the amazing work that God does on the streets of Surrey! Thank you again – you are indeed a gifted speaker – God has given you many talents 🙂
We will be continuing to collect clothing for the next two weeks.  Please let me know what we, at Breakaway, can do to continue to support your amazing ministry!!

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